Payroll Services

We offer the Budget or Premium Payroll Service.  Pick up the phone and call us now!

Jan is our friendly and very knowledgeable Payroll Specialist who is waiting for that call.  She is your payroll stress reliever who will get you all set up to go within a week.

She works closely with each employer to provide an accurate and timely payroll.  She can answer your questions, get you quick answers and you will never need to think about the payroll the rest of the week.  
After your account has been opened with us, you will only be required to call in, email or fax your employee names and hours prior to each pay period and we'll handle the rest!

  • We purchase checks imprinted with your company information.
  • Direct Deposit is available with a small charge.
  • Courier service is provided for local delivery within 20 mile radius.
  • A drop box is available for those employers who want after hours drop or pickup.
  • We can send any mail payrolls by priority mail.
  • We handle required "New Hire" reporting within 14 days handled electronically.
  • Worker's compensation audits completed with auditors.
  • Help with separation notices and responses to other payroll notices.
  • Updates provided on payroll tax law changes.
  • Employment forms provided free of charge; W-4, M-4 & I-9.
  • E-file authorization forms required upon startup with us.

Our Bookkeeper works closely with Jan on a daily basis and files weekly, monthly, quarterly, and /or annual tax filings for the payroll customers as follows:  

  • Forms 941, 943 & 944
  • M-941 or M-942 state forms
  • 941X for Amended Returns
  • Quest UI Online Filings for SUTA Tax
  • 940 FUTA Tax

Our tax preparer balances out the payroll accounts at year-end and prepares the following reports:

  • W-2 Forms and W-3 Transmittals which are sent out to you in the month of January