Bookkeeping Services

Ken handles the bookkeeping for our customers.  Ken is a conscientious, trustworthy and caring individual watching over your accounts.  He works quickly and accurately to provide you with timely bookkeeping which helps you avoid penalties and fines.   He points out discrepancies in your bank accounts or missing information you need.  If you work with him, you will always know your bottom line!

  • A time clock is used for each client when working on a client's account.  We bill on an hourly basis for the time involved to complete your work. 
  • Books should be dropped off monthly including bank statements, business credit card statements, cash receipts, invoices and/or Z-tapes.
  • We balance the bank accounts with the bank each month, balance any credit card accounts and enter all cash receipts paid out of pocket to include in the books.
  • If you purchase new depreciable assets such as autos, equipment and/or machinery, we will need a copy of the bill of sale for each item.
  • Proof of asset sales or trade-ins should be produced as they are sold throughout the year to be sure the information is included.
  • Refunds and/or rebates  received should be explained to enter correctly.
  • Personal draw should be tracked for certain insurance reporting.

When the books are completed for the month, we provide you with a financial binder to hold your records.  It is updated each month when you return it.  This book will serve as your reference guide for the year and will help you make necessary decisions in the operation of your business.

The financial binder will contain a profit and loss, income and expense reports and balanced check register for each bank account or credit card account.

Additional Services We Can Provide:

  • Preparation of balance sheets and financial statements.
  • Accounts payable for company bills.
  • Figure and e-file meals and sales tax.
  • Handle insurance audits.
  • Track 1099-MISC contractors and prepare year-end forms.
  • Manage household bills for individuals.
  • Pay bills for disabled and trust accounts.
  • Help fill out annual town licensing forms and other paperwork.
  • Prepare bookkeeping and budgets for mobile home parks and condo associations.